Maritime Security Challenges in the Indian Ocean: Australia’s Maritime Security amid the Sandison’s Vulnerability


  • Ayesha Imtiaz University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Dr. Muhammad Shareh Qazi University of the Punjab, Lahore



Sandison Vulnerability, Indian Ocean, Maritime Security, Indo-Pacific, Belt and Road Initiative


The 21st century is the “century of seas” and increasingly recognizes the maritime security and stability of states that are directly or indirectly connected to maritime interest projection. This research examines the maritime security concept and Australia's position in the Indo-Pacific region especially in the Indian Ocean. It also analyzes Australia’s partnership with India and Indonesia to secure and maintain sea control over key strategic chokepoints, islands, and overseas territories against the defiance of its rivals. In a follow up, Australia’s strategic partnerships are also viewed in tandem to China's increasing regional ties with Indian Ocean littoral states through the Belt and Road Initiative and its continued military modernization in the region creating a non-permissive area for other states. Additionally, this research provides insight into Australia's potential role as a central player in the evolving Indo-Pacific region and the way it will create a deterrent effect to its “Sandison vulnerability”.


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