J-NESS is an interdisciplinary academic pursuit to disseminate the awareness and information on the importance of our aquatic channels and resources. The purpose of this effort is to bring attention to the latest topics of discussion at international level, e.g.  Sustainable Development of Coastal Indigenous Communities, Blue Economy, Maritime Security and Surveillance, Circular Economy, Marine Renewable Energy, Maritime Transport and Coastal Tourism, Fisheries and Aquaculture, and related geopolitical and geo-economic dimensions.

Journal of Nautical Eye and Strategic Studies (J-NESS) is a biannual journal. It welcomes interested researchers and academia to contribute by submitting theoretical and empirical articles, research papers. The authors are very welcome to submit research papers along the spectrum of the maritime and Strategic Studies themes.

Research Themes

  • Maritime Silk Routes and Indian Ocean
  • Political alliances for hegemony in the Indo-Pacific Region
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan’s Blue Economy
  • US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications on regional security
  • Sino-US strategic rivalry in South China Sea and future wars in Pacific Ocean
  • Belt and Road Initiative vs. Build Back Better World (B3W)
  • Importance of CPEC for Gulf and other regional players
  • Climate change: Marine Pollution in Pakistan strategy to arrest deteriorating situation at Karachi Harbor.
  • Gwadar Port and regional maritime challenges
  • Covid-19 measuring impact on psycho-social, and economic development in Pakistan
  • Others: related to mentioned above