End Special Anti Robbery Squad (EndSARS) Protest and It Consequences on Economic Activities of Nigeria Maritime Sector


  • Prof. Dr. Mufutau Akanmu Popoola Federal Polytechnic Ayede
  • Shittu Muili Olawale National Open University of Nigeria
  • Azeez Olasunkanmi Ojo Federal Polytechnic Ayede




Aggression, endsars, frustration, protest and SARS


This research examined the incidents of End Special Anti Robbery Squad (EndSARS) protest and it consequences on economic activities of Nigeria maritime sector, with the interest to provide information on the courses and it consequences on economic Activities of Nigeria maritime sector. Through application of frustration-aggression theory while carrying out the findings. From phenomenological point of view, the study adopted descriptive method in carrying out the findings. Therefore, a random sampling through distribution of quatitative questionnaires to 130 respondents was done. In addition of uses of secondary data such as relevant books, national and international journals, radio, television, news papers, government publications, online sources, and personal experience was applied. After data analysis was done, the findings attested that end special anti rubbery squad protest in Nigeria was ended in violence. Although, the study also discovered that at the beginning, it was peaceful in nature, but ended up with violence and bloody.


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Popoola, P. D. M. A., Olawale, S. M. ., & Ojo, A. O. . (2023). End Special Anti Robbery Squad (EndSARS) Protest and It Consequences on Economic Activities of Nigeria Maritime Sector. Journal of Nautical Eye and Strategic Studies, 3(1), 1–20. https://doi.org/10.58932/MULG0010

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