Shifting Paradigms and Changing Dynamics of Fragile Global Power Politics in Middle East: A Case study of Syrian Crisis


  • Prof. Dr. Iram Khalid University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Asma Siddique University of the Punjab, Lahore.


KSA, Iran, Ethnic divide, Syrian Crisis, Regional Security Complexes, New Great Game, Power Politics.


The core intention of the study is to elaborate the convolutions and precariousness of the Middle East and the decades long contradictions of regional states on sectarian and ethnic bases particularly between Iran and the KSA, which is severely hampering the stability, peace and security of the region and entire globe as well. The hostility of Great Powers with regional states is not in their favor to secure the interests in ME and vice versa. As, the geo[1]political, geo-economic and geo-graphical prominence of the region makes hard to neglect it, along with its presence in the mid of Afro-Eurasia and having enormous deposits of fossil fuels which are the life-line of the world’s great economies. The US-Iran antipathy for more than three decades on Iranian Nuclear Program and support of terrorist groups adversely affected the region, hence the Nuke Deal between P5+1 and Iran altered the overall scenario. Most of the world esteemed this move but the key regional allies of the US like Israel and the KSA articulated their trepidations on this deal. There is also an instigation of a “New Great Game” between Great Powers and regional sovereignties due to the Syrian issue and also the Yemen crisis, which are causing the pitiless carnage of thousands of innocent people. So, the main aim of research is to ornate the eminence that the constructive diplomacy is the ultimate solution of all the contentious issues of the Middle East and for the establishment of a durable and sturdy peace, prosperity, security and stability for the regional population and states.

Author Biography

Asma Siddique, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Department of Political Science




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Khalid, P. D. I. ., & Asma Siddique. (2022). Shifting Paradigms and Changing Dynamics of Fragile Global Power Politics in Middle East: A Case study of Syrian Crisis. Journal of Nautical Eye and Strategic Studies, 2(1), 9–23. Retrieved from