Expansion of Maritime Interests and Naval Modernization of India in the Indo Pacific Region


  • Eman Malik Kinnaird College for Women University




Indo-Pacific Region, US, China, Asian Power, India, Maritime Expansion, China’s rise, Indian Naval Modernization, Indo-Sino Maritime Rivalry


As importance of the Indo Pacific region grows in the 21st Century, India is expanding its maritime interests and modernizing its naval capabilities in Indo-Pacific Region. India is doing so due to two main factors. First, to counter China’s rise. China is rising as a strong Asian power by increasing its power, influence, and sway in the Indian Ocean region. Second, India aspires for becoming a regional hegemon in the Indian Ocean region while expanding its strong influence in the Pacific Ocean. This research paper will explore India’s maritime expansion and strong partnership with the Indo Pacific nations which will strengthen Indian footprints in the Indo Pacific Region that challenges the Chinese security concerns in this region. Further, this research paper will explore the evolution of Indian Strategic thinking in the Indo-Pacific Region, identifies rising China and Indo-Sino maritime rivalry as well as examine the countering strategies by India that lead to its maritime expansion and Indian Naval modernization in the Indo-Pacific Region.


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