Intolerance, Its fatality and Remedial Measures in the Light of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Sīrah


  • Muhammad Rafiq Habib
  • Manzoor Ahmad


Tolerance, Intolerance, Impatience, Sīrah, Prophet, Society, Islam, Peace


Intolerance’ is one of the major social evils which not only damages an individual’s character but also shatters the whole society. It is the ‘intolerance’, if not dealt with at an early stage, consequently, results in sectarianism, extremism and, more fatally, in terrorism. Illiteracy, unawareness, poverty, grievances, injustice and various prejudices could be listed as some of the many causes igniting intolerance in the society. It may take various manifestations such as the religious, political and academic. The proposed paper aims to critically analyses the emergence of intolerance among the individuals as well as the society at large. It also highlights the causes that corrupt the tolerant behaviour and give rise to intolerance. Also, this paper outlines the types of intolerance and how they cause adverse impact on the individual and communal life. More importantly, the discourse in this paper examines and critically analyses the practical measures which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took to combat this evil in his time and how the Sīrah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can play a vital role, in the contemporary context, to eradicate the drastically increasing intolerance and impatience from the society. Finally, the paper concludes that the Sīrah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) provides a comprehensive practical model to fight against the fatal social and spiritual disease of intolerance and if implemented with its true spirit, it can assure a peaceful, tolerant and coherent society.




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Habib, M. R. ., & Ahmad, M. . (2021). Intolerance, Its fatality and Remedial Measures in the Light of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Sīrah. Al-Irfan, 6(12), 18–32. Retrieved from



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