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However, the author/authors bear the total responsibility for removing the observations and maintaining the accuracy of the paper. The Plagiarism/Similarity should be less than 15 percent. The author should follow the pattern and formatting of the Al-Irfan Research Journal in the citation.</p> <p> </p> en-US (Dr. Mumtaz ul Hassan) (Centre for Research and Development) Wed, 16 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 Unravelling the Dynamics of Christian Missionary Evangelical Activities in Colonial Punjab (1849-1947) <p>The article focused on the evangelical activities of Christian missionaries to convert the natives to Christianity in colonial Punjab, with particular reference to Lahore and Sialkot districts. With the annexation of Punjab in 1849, the cultural and social ethos took a surprising turn, and a new community of converted Christians started to form progressively. This new societal drive was unique because it attracted individuals from affluent backgrounds and triggered mass conversion in socially and economically side-lined communities of Punjab. After annexation, missionaries flocked to Punjab from all parts of India. Most missionaries, who moved to Punjab, were either associated with the American Presbyterian Church or the Church Missionary Society of England (CMS) and the Church of Scotland.&nbsp; Nonetheless, along with these two mission societies, other established missions in India also contributed to converting natives to Christianity, though to a lesser extent. In the conversion process, missionaries used institutions, e.g., schools, colleges, and medical centres, but they also employed different conversion techniques already being deployed in other parts of India. The primary aim of the missionaries was to convert a large part of Punjabi society to Christianity by employing various techniques of evangelicalism. The conversion among lower caste degraded the image of Christianity and further handicapped further activities of missionaries.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Huma Pervaiz Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Women Leadership as Head of State in Contemporary Muslim Thoughts: A Critical Analysis <p>Abstract: - This article is aimed at exploring and discussing the female leadership in Islam and its comparison with the political status of women in the contemporary Muslim thought.<br>The matter of women as head of state has been the subject of repeated controversy. Concerns are often raised about the political empowerment of women in Islamic society. It is evident that Islamic society is dichotomized into two different segments i.e. traditionalists and modernists and a crucial difference of opinion lies regarding woman as head of Islamic state between the two. On one side, Syed Maududi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, and Syed Jalal ud Din Umri, are highly reluctant regarding women’s position as head of Islamic state and other political activities. Resultantly, they face bitter criticism of modern and secular Muslims alike. On the other side, Rehmatullah Tariq, Rafiullah Shahab and Asghar Ali Engineer claim that women have ample political rights in this respect as Islam does not inhibit them from assuming public office. The present paper intends to discuss the women leadership as head of Islamic state in view of Islamists, modernists. An attempt is also made to know the real intention of Sharīʿah regarding the role of women as head of Islamic state and its limitations ordained by Islam. A reference of feminist scholars is also made to know their point of view on the issue. </p> Saima Rafiq; Shams-ur-Rehman Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Islamic Tourism Accelerates Economic Growth Expansion <p>Tourism is a rapidly expanding economic sector. This essay attempts to educate readers on the idea of tourism in Islam and its impotence. Islam encourages travel and admiring Allah's creation. The methodology is based on qualitative approaches that are descriptive in character, and information is gathered from a range of sources and through existing Literature review . Tourism and Travel is acknowledged in both Hadith and Qur'anic verses. Islam provides several benefits for tourism, which even has a positive impact on the economic growth of the nation. The implication is that although Allah forbids Muslims from abandoning the earth, they are involved in Islamic tourism. Travel and Tourism is essential for many countries to reduce their trade imbalances, especially emerging economies like Globally to promote economic growth for future prosperity. &nbsp;The purpose of this practical implementation is to come up with suggestions for enhancing Globally tourist industry by promoting the Islamic travel sectors. Muslim nations ought to work together and coordinate their efforts to promote travel, which will help their economies. If the likelihood for future growth is to be completely realised, there are obstacles to be addressed. The uniqueness of this write-up is that it discusses how tourism is interpreted by Islam and how we can use this industry to strengthen our economy.</p> Ayesha Awan, Syed Muhammad Arslan, Muzammil Hussain Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 The Parables and Islamic Scriptures: An Analytical Study <p>Allah the exalted is the only Lord of all the worlds. He has sent Prophets and Messengers in all periods to guide the mankind. He has also revealed Divine Scriptures to edify mankind. Several Manuscripts and Books were revealed on different Prophets. The Qur’ān is the last and final word of Allah towards the humanity till the Day of Judgment. The Qur’ān teaches humanity about the Unity of Allah, love and obedience of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, methods of worship and many more. In the Qur’ān, different unique methods have been adopted for the purpose of guidance e.g. literary method, psychological, interrogative, method of telling a story of past times, etc. Parabolic method is one of these methods. In this article the significance and details of the parabolic method will be analyzed. It is the convention of Allah to teach through this method. The Apostles of Allah have also adopted this method to preach the word of Allah in an easier way.</p> Umair Gulzar, Dr. Zobia Parveen, Zulfiqar Ahmad Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 تفسیر شعراوی کا منہج واسلوب <p>The holy Quran is the eternal charter of guidance and code of conduct for the people&nbsp; So man should pay attention to the holy Qura'an and understand its teachings through the path of the companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), who were the eye witness of the revelation of Qura'an and we're successful in life practicing upon the Doctrine of Qura'an.</p> <p>Since then, a successful group has been there who not only tries to comprehend Qura'an but struggled to explain the true meanings of Qura'an to their fellow beings. One of these strives is the&nbsp; "Tafsir al-Sha'ravi". It counts in golden chain of tafasir and written by "Sh. Mohammad Metwalli al- Sha'ravi". The common Muslims in general and the Muslim youth in particular must be well aware of the comprehensive methodology of the interpreter.In this article the important and distinctive features of "Tafsir al-Sha'ravi" have been described analytically.</p> Muhammad Ilyas Azmi, Dr. Shamsur Rahman Shams Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 اِختلافِ مراجعِ ضمائراورقرآنی اُصولِ یُسر (مفسرین کی آراء کا ناقدانہ جائزہ) <p>It is impossible to receive guidance from the Holy Quran unless it is properly understood by its reader with the feeling that the Quran is descending upon his heart and soul. Notably, the Holy Quran cannot be understood without its interpretation and exposition. It is a common practice among linguists to use pronouns to create collaboration and correspondence among words and sentences. Pronouns are the substitutions of the original words and are used to avoid repetitions and make the statement more beautiful and eye-catching. The style of expression of the holy Quran is so simple that the pronouns, similes, examples, metaphors, and reasoning present in it, offered no difficulty even to its initial addressees who were quite illiterate people. The Holy Quran is the eternal code of conduct for the people. Everyone can seek guidance for every walk of life from it and this is the miracle of the holy Quran the any Muslim can memorize it with a little effort, whether he is an Arab or non-Arab. This is so because there is no ambiguity or complexity in it. This paper presents an analytical study of the pronouns to reinforce the Quranic princples of the easement.</p> Muhammad Farooq Rana, Dr. Muhammad Riaz Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 کتاب المغازی للواقدی کے خصائص و امتیازات(ایک تنقیدی مطالعہ) <p>After The Quran and the books on Prophetic traditions, the Maghazi books are the source on Prophetic Sirah. Chronologically the maghazi written in the first two centuries carry the most valuable material of Prophetic Sirah. Some books are based on the principles of Hadith collection, while others are in historic perspective. Among these, Maghazi of al-Waqidi has unique properties. Though Waqidi and his book carry some controversies but it also bears some unique charactertistics. These characteristics have merits as well as demerits. It was deemed appropriate to bring forth the attributes of this book. The following article highlights these characteristics of the book with pertinent examples.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Rana Ahmed Raza Muhammad Arshad Rana, Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 بر صغیر کے مشائخ شاذلیہ کی خدماتِ حدیث(ایک تاریخی جائزہ) <p>It is a general misconception established by the people who are not on good terms with Tasawwuf that the Sufis are not well versed in Islamic sciences and proceed of their own free will without considering the Quran and Sunnah's teachings. And in this way, they had caused a situation of indifference to practical Islam, disbelief, and waywardness among the general Muslims. But, the ground reality is that the Sufis had been scholars of the first rank of Quran and Sunnah. And in almost all the chains of Tasawwuf they are found in abundance but in the Shazlia chain; an offshoot of Qadria, everyone was adept in Islamic sciences. The scholarly services of Jalal al-Din Sayuti(849-911) and Ibn e Hajar Haitami(909-974) in Arab countries and that of Muttaqi al-Hindi(802-1001) and Sheikh Abdul Haq(958-1056) based on research and preaching in the subcontinent cannot be ignored. The services put forth by the above-mentioned great men of letters are still unprecedented. This paper presents an analytical study of the services of the Shazlia chain particularly the teaching and propagation of Hadiths and in leveling the insurgencies of anti-Islamic forces like Mahdawiyyat.</p> Dr Ali Akbar Al-azhar Azhari, Dr. Nadia Alam Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 اسلامی ریاست میں امن و استحکام کے ایجابی اقدامات <p>An Islamic state is responsible to enforce glorious Quranic principles encompassing positive strategies to generate an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for its citizens.&nbsp; These positive steps, alongwith negative measures against threats to societal peace, ensure protection and security at each and every level.&nbsp; These positive measures, as ordained by Islam, include protection of fundamental human rights, establishment of social justice system, policy of mutual consultation and assignment of key positions to eligible individuals.&nbsp; The state is bound by Quranic guidance to encourage freedom of speech and expression of positive opinions through all available sources and means, including political parties, pressure groups and different plate forms. However, this freedom of speech is subject to unbiased commitment to Islamic principles, sincerity of purpose and intentions of honesty and well wishing.&nbsp; Islamic state is essentially a positive state whose Constitution, laws, rules and policies contain constructive positivity in essence.</p> Dr. Ghulam Rasool Zahid, Dr. Manzoor Ahmed AL-AZHARI Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 حقوق نسواں کی عصری تحریکیں اور ان کے مقاصد کا ناقدانہ جائزہ <p>The Progressive Feminists think that all human are equal, the up and down of classes is harmful for Humanity, and Women cannot enjoy freedom in the Capitalism. End of exploiter and oppressions against women, their equal rights as humans, equal chances for education and to make ideology in Philosophy are the main objectives of World Feminist Movements. To perform their duties and gain the rights as the teaching s of Islam are the objectives of faithful women in Muslims. There are also many types of Feminist Movements in Pakistan. Some movements have the objectives of women’s empowerment through politics and legislations. These movements are struggling for women’s equal rights in the society. Most of them want Secularism to ensure their objectives. The implement of Islamic teachings is the objective of such women who have the Islamic background. Muslim women should be aware that the objectives of the Western Feminist Movement are leading to Antichrist. To obey the West is the loss of this life and the next life after death, as it is foretold by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a narrative research about the worldwide Feminist movements and in Pakistan and about their objectives. The objectives of contemporary Feminist movements are analyzed and criticized in this article.</p> Hafiza Bushra Malik, Dr. Ahmad, Dr. Zahoor Ullah Alazhari Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000 حبس ملزم کی شرعی و قانونی حیثیت <p>Attributing the criminal action belonging to a person is called accusation. A person who is charged with a crime is called an accused. No any accused can be considered convict or guilty without an evidence. Allegations are always made on the basis of suspicion and different other circumstantial evidence. Imposition of punishment on the basis of accusation is never justified in any Divine or Man made Law. The decision based on a mere claim without any evidence is prohibited in Islamic Shari'ah.So when a person is charged with a crime ,it is imperative to investigate him properly.Until the investigation is done, neither the accused can be declared guilty nor the claim can be considered true.</p> <p>A strong justice system is necessary for state stability. Pakistan is an Islamic country. So it is a constitutional requirement to establish an Islamic justice system in the country. Under existing laws, the police have absolute power to arrest any respectable citizen on mere suspicion. It is a common practice in Pakistan that the accused is imprisoned on the bases of a trivial accusation. Whereas in Shari'ah, it is absolutely impermissible to detain a dignitary on the base of a mere allegation.</p> <p> Apparently, Incarceration of accused in prevailing laws is seemed to be in conflict with Sharia.. Therefore, A critical study on the legal status of the detention of an accused is necessary in the context of Shariah.</p> Dr. Hafiz Abdul Aziz Mujahid Abdul Aziz, Dr. Muddassar Iqbal Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Irfan Fri, 30 Jun 2023 00:00:00 +0000