• International Journal of Islamic Economics and Governance

    The International Journal of Islamic Economics and Governance (IJIEG) is a peer-reviewed journal to disseminate quality research from across the world in the field of economics, business management, commerce, and finance, with an emphasis on the Islamic perspective. IJIEG is sponsored and published by the International Center for Research in Islamic Economics (ICRIE) and School of Islamic Economics Banking and Finance, Minhaj University, Lahore, Pakistan.



  • World Islamic Economics and Finance Conference

    Muslim economies and financial institutions are striving for decades to develop an Islamic Economic and Finance system with the objective of eliminating poverty and empowering the society. This societal empowerment is not possible with the struggle of a single individual and/or institution. It has to be a joint correlated efforts where every individual, institution, regulator, legislator and leader has to play significant role in achieving the set targets. The beauty of the Islamic economic system is that it provides an opportunity to everyone for participating and contributing to the empowerment of the society.

    Today’s world is facing numerous socio-economic, geo-political and environmental challenges. The moderate global economic growth, refugee’s issues, high unemployment rate, poverty, unwanted wars, water shortage, health issues, prevalence of hunger, unpredictable climate changes and the new financial crisis are paving their way to uncertain world economy.

    This is the time for the researchers, scholars, students, bankers, executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen,  regulators and legislators to think and answer the question of how the existing issues can be resolved through Islamic Economic System and bringing social innovation; hence, empowering the society under this system. In view of these challenges,Minhaj University Lahore is organizing its 3rd  International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance under the theme of ‘People  Empowerment, Social Innovation and Role of Islamic Economics’.

    The conference will utilize the university’s strength to focus on the consensus that the Islamic Banking and Finance Industry (IBFI) should be more inclined towards ethical and social concerns than the conventional system. Contributors should address research gaps in these areas in particular. Notwithstanding the  continuous discussion and conversation that are currently taking place among academicians, this conference aims to address a specific issue related to people empowerment, inclusion, sustainability and social innovation in particular.

  • Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences

    JPRSS is a collective effort. Our team members aim to synergize their potential and efforts to create a multi-disciplinary, productive, and inclusive international academic fraternity at Minhaj University Lahore. Moving forward with a pro-student approach, we consider students and young scholars as our primary asset and important target audience. The basic purpose is to develop a reading habit and promote a culture of knowledge exchange in students. Therefore, we encourage academia, experts, writers, and young scholars to contribute theoretical and empirical research papers and articles with current and historical insights. To acknowledge the significance of the latest debates and discussions and pitch in with these emerging discourses, JPRSS also accepts the reviews of the latest books or texts for publication.

  • Journal of Nautical Eye and Strategic Studies

    J-NESS is an interdisciplinary academic pursuit to disseminate the awareness and information on the importance of our aquatic channels and resources. The purpose of this effort is to bring attention to the latest topics of discussion at international level, e.g.  Sustainable Development of Coastal Indigenous Communities, Blue Economy, Maritime Security and Surveillance, Circular Economy, Marine Renewable Energy, Maritime Transport and Coastal Tourism, Fisheries and Aquaculture, and related geopolitical and geo-economic dimensions.

  • South Asian Journal of Religion and Philosophy (SAJRP)

    Respectful and critical discussion of issues related to religion and philosophy will lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of different religions worldwide and promote peace among people.

    To provide a forum for discussion of critical issues related to religion and philosophy with a particular focus on South Asia.

    To encourage a profound and more regular exchange of ideas on the subject of religion and philosophy, particularly in South Asia to publish original articles, selected through a peer review process on a bi-annual basis.

  • Al-Irfan

    Al Irfan is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal of Minhaj University, which is published bi-annually. Al-Irfan Research Journal works under (COSIS) College of Shariah and Islamic Sciences, Minhaj University, Lahore, Pakistan. It accepts articles in different languages like Arabic, English, Urdu, etc. This Magazine accepts articles that are written on rare topics such as the Qur'an, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, Sufism, Comparison of Religions, History, etc. Al-Irfan Magazine prefers to publish articles that address current issues. The author/authors should remember that the Journal will accept only original papers. It implies that the work submitted has not been either published or accepted previously except in the form of a thesis, abstract, and review. Only the papers recommended by the referees will be published. However, the author/authors bear the total responsibility for removing the observations and maintaining the accuracy of the paper. The Plagiarism/Similarity should be less than 15 percent. The author should follow the pattern and formatting of the Al-Irfan Research Journal in the citation.


  • Minhaj International Journal of Economics and Organization Sciences

    The journal is designed to welcome research papers of a quality and context that would be of interest to an international readership. The aim and scope of the MJEOS are to provide a venue that reports research on topics that are of national and international significance.

    The MJEOS is interdisciplinary and likes to promote original empirical and theoretical research papers including, but not limited to case studies, surveys, discussions of conceptual issues, and book reviews.

  • Journal of Basic and Emerging Sciences

    Journal of Basic and Emerging Sciences (JBES) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and is published by Minhaj University Lahore (MUL). Its primary objective is to provide a platform for the publication of high quality research articles and to contribute knowledge by publishing innovative and impactful research findings in Basic and Emerging sciences. The journal accepts papers in the fields of Agricultural Sciences, Biophysics, Botany, Chemistry, Entomology and Pest Management, Environmental sciences, Food Science Technology and Nutrition,  Health Sciences, Horticulture, Immunology, Medical Lab. Technology, Nano Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics, Plant breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Statistics, Toxicology, and Zoology.

  • Zoraiz

    ZORAIZ is a peer-reviewed journal to disseminate quality research from across the world in the field of  Social Sciences particularly the Urdu language with an emphasis on the Islamic perspective. Zoraiz, sponsored and published by the Center for Research and Development at Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan.

    Zoraiz team has the aim to provide an active platform to the researchers, authors and pen wilders to share their innovative and value-added ideas, thoughts, solutions, and knowledge in the form of scholarly writings. Zoraiz publishes articles that report empirical research, both quantitative and qualitative that expands knowledge about languages particularly Urdu. Editors will consider manuscripts that make significant contributions to the literature in Urdu and other language-related studies.

  • Journal of Educational Dynamics

    The Journal of Educational Dynamics (JED) is a prestigious research journal that offers an open-access platform for scholars, educators, professionals, and students worldwide to contribute and exchange valuable insights. Published biannually in June and December by the School of Education at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan, JED serves as a reputable forum for disseminating high-quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews.