JPRSS is a collective effort. Our team members aim to synergize their potential and efforts to create a multi-disciplinary, productive, and inclusive international academic fraternity at Minhaj University Lahore. Moving forward with a pro-student approach, we consider students and young scholars as our primary asset and important target audience. The basic purpose is to develop a reading habit and promote a culture of knowledge exchange in students. Therefore, we encourage academia, experts, writers, and young scholars to contribute theoretical and empirical research papers and articles with current and historical insights. To acknowledge the significance of the latest debates and discussions and pitch in with these emerging discourses, JPRSS also accepts the reviews of the latest books or texts for publication.

JPRSS promotes:

  1. Advancement of research in all sectors of Media and Social Sciences as well.
  2. High-quality publications in theoretical and empirical researches in the field of Social Sciences
  3. Networking of academicians, researchers, and professionals encourage different genres in creative and research writing.
  4. Enhancement of diversity, multiplicity, and variation of the research.
  5. Advanced research in communication studies through high-quality publications that focus on theoretical, empirical, applied, and analytical themes.
  6. Promotion of global collaborative and disseminative networks among academicians, communication scientists, media professionals, research scholars, and policymakers.


Scope of Journal

The Global Media and Social Sciences Research Journal is peer-reviewed, open access, scholarly journal that provides a dedicated, interdisciplinary forum for international research on all aspects of communication, media and social sciences. The journal also publishes new research on digital platforms, social media and related policy. The journal actively encourages both quantitative and qualitative approaches related to media, communications and social sciences. The journal invites submission of papers under the following categories but not limited to: 

  • Educational Sciences,
  • Journalism, Mass Media and Communication,
  • Psychology
  • Gender Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Peace and Counter Terrorism
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Gender & Human Rights
  • Women’s Empowerment

Contributors should be familiar with the nature and scope of the journal. Familiarity with past issues of the journal is essential. Abstracts of the current and previous issues are available, both in hardcopy and at the journal’s website.


JPRSS adheres to the highest values in research publication on social sciecnes. It gives highest value to objectivity in the articles submitted for publication. Instead of assuming the values of objectivity, neutrality, originality, diversity of opinion, contribution to knowledge, the strength of argument, avoidance of fallacies, truth, and honesty as cliché, JPRSS rigorously incorporates these values in selection and review of articles.