Socio-Cultural Constraints, Solution towards Philanthropy in Dhook Hasu Rawalpindi,Punjab, Pakistan


  • Dr.Abdul Rasheed University
  • Mustansar Abbas Mir Pur University of Science and Technology, AJK
  • Dr.Majjid Hussian Alias Ghalib Hussian Bahria University Islamabad



Providing of services for the welfare of human beings are not the easy tasks for the humanitarian activists, the volunteer’s feelings and passions force the philanthropists to come forward to play their role to achieve their ends. The commitment, determination and struggle of the public welfare activists instigate   how to overcome the hardships by practicing the welfareism in the community.  To materialize the philanthropic spirit and to invest the time and money for minimizing the displeasures, disparities and human sufferings is the challenge for public welfare activists and humanists.  In spite of facing pains, the active socio-cultural engineers, philanthropists and volunteers spend their energies for the public welfare as well as for the social development by leaving aside the degree of humanistic passions, feelings and emotions of philanthropists and by ignoring all sorts of hurdles on the way of philanthropic practices. 


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