The Dynamics of Pakistan-Poland Relations in the Era of Geo-economics and Geo-culture


  • Syed Sibtain Hussain Shah Free lance



Pakistan, Poland, Bilateral Relations, Geo-Economics, Geo-culture


Aim of this study is to investigate the dynamics of Pakistan-Poland relations in the eras of geo-economics and geo-culture. Geo-economics refers to the economic dimensions of geopolitical actor influencing economic policies and initiatives in international relations. Analysis of the concept of geo-economics in light of neoliberalism enables the investigator to explore the potential of economic relations between Pakistan and Poland. The geo-culture as another perception combines cross borders cultural communications and interactions between and among the nations. The model of inter-state relations that suggests international cooperation including bilateral relations as viable is also appropriate for evaluation of Pakistan-Poland relations. The potential of cooperation between the two countries remains largely untapped, specifically in the current global geo-economics and geo-cultural backdrops. Author studies the changing aspects of relations between Pakistan and Poland also from historical perceptions as the Pakistan and Poland ties are originated on a solid base providing a durable source of the collaboration in the emerging political and economic environments.  The geo-economics and geo-culture eras offer enormous opportunities of cooperation through different means including functional diplomacies enabling both countries to learn from each other experiences in numerous fields.


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