Impact of Globalization on Political Development of SAARC Countries


  • Muhammad Umair Amjad University of Sargodha


Globalization, Political Development, Democracy, SAARC countries


Globalization has largely played its role in connecting and reshaping the entire world. It has influenced the lifestyles of people and the political cultures and systems as well. Moreover, it has also brought about a revolution in the political systems across the globe at large and especially in the political systems of SAARC countries in particular. In the past, there was a time when monarchial governments were existed and nobody had the right to express his viewpoint or criticize the government policies. Now the entire scenario has changed the political dimensions. Democracy as a political system has been adopted by most of the societies in this digital age. It has become successful where people are well educated and well aware of their fundamental rights. The problem lies in the level of evolution: living standard, human development index and democracy index of the SAARC nations. Smooth political developments can be made only in democratic elected governments. It is slow and gradual but continuous on-going process. This study examines and highlight the impact of globalization on the political development of SAARC countries. The primary study deploys the qualitative research method along with constructivism as philosophical approach. Moreover, the data for this study shall be compiled through content analysis.




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