Exclusive Economic Zone & Maritime Potential of Pakistan


  • Ayesha Amir University of the Punjab


EEZ, Marine Resources, Harbors, Harmony among authorities


Pakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is greatly important for economic development because of having plentiful resources. In the past, very little attention has been paid to the marine sector due to which its utility could not be considered. Under the aegis of SMEDA & United Nation Development Program shed light on the marine sector. Government policies were made but not fully implemented, resulting in resources are still untapped. Less coordination among authorities of different harbors in Pakistan leads to failure. China-Pakistan's relationship is largely leading to development in EEZ. Pakistan can be able to achieve an incredible position in the national and international seafood market which in turn will stimulate the nation’s economy. The reason is, stakeholders do not have enough awareness, the government made attempts for land resources whereas attempts for sea resources have never been made as for land resources. Policies and decisions are wisely made for land resources, but unfortunately, the maritime sector is being overlooked just because of less research, negligence of the government, less coordination among concerning departments as well as inadequate capability in terms of technical aspects. Pakistan is suffering from a kind of Sea Blindness.




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