Effects of Distributive Justice on Positive Organizational Behavior among Private School Teachers


  • Abdullah Bacha Khan University Charsadda
  • Younas Khan Bacha Khan University Charsadda
  • Dr. Nizar Ahmad Bacha Khan University Charsadda


Distributive justice, Positive organizational behavior, Private school teachers


This quantitative study the ‘effects of distributive justice on positive organizational behavior among private school teachers’ was conducted in five different private schools in Timergara City district Dir Lower. Among the 29 private schools in Timergara city, five schools were selected randomly on the basis of maximum number of teachers. Primary information was collected from teachers through census method using structured questionnaire as tool of data collection. The collected data was put into computer-based software SPSS and Chi-Square test statistics were used to ascertain the association between dependentand independent variable. The study revealed a significant association (P≤0.05) of teachers’ positive organizational behavior with the statements such asFair outcomes to address the teachers’ needs, unbiased academic policies, satisfaction with salaries, increase in salaries as per teachers’ performance, fair workload’s distribution, teachers’ behavior dependent upon fair policies, equal distribution of rewards as a source of motivation, and unequal distribution of rewards leads towards turnover intention. The owners and administration of private schools should establish their trust by expanding cooperation towards teachers, strengthen employee relationships with each other, encourage positivity and efforts, create goals and use motivational strategies that stimulate employees were some of the recommendations that was presented in light of the study.




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Abdullah, Younas Khan, & Dr. Nizar Ahmad. (2021). Effects of Distributive Justice on Positive Organizational Behavior among Private School Teachers. Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences, 8(2), 36–47. Retrieved from https://ojs.mul.edu.pk/index.php/JPRSS/article/view/123



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