Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences 2022-09-08T05:03:44+00:00 Dr. Adeel Irfan Open Journal Systems <p>JPRSS is a collective effort. Our team members aim to synergize their potential and efforts to create a multi-disciplinary, productive, and inclusive international academic fraternity at Minhaj University Lahore. Moving forward with a pro-student approach, we consider students and young scholars as our primary asset and important target audience. The basic purpose is to develop a reading habit and promote a culture of knowledge exchange in students. Therefore, we encourage academia, experts, writers, and young scholars to contribute theoretical and empirical research papers and articles with current and historical insights. To acknowledge the significance of the latest debates and discussions and pitch in with these emerging discourses, JPRSS also accepts the reviews of the latest books or texts for publication.</p> Islamic Republic of Iran vs Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Struggle for Regional Hegemony through Oil Politics 2022-08-31T06:36:43+00:00 Dr. Sadia Rafique Maria Khalil M Hamza Ikram <p>The Middle Eastern region is rich in its oil sources and it is a hub of major oil producer and exporters of the world. Among many oil-producing states, there are two who have always stood on the face of each other for creating their dominance and hegemony in the region. These are the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both the countries have been historic rivalries due to their ideological differences from the beginning, but now they stand on the verge of political and economic differences too. The intervention of the foreign powers and the involvement of their interests has added fuel to fire in the rivalry of these two Islamic oils producing states. The economy being US centered, and the rates of the oil being defined by the international market, has been used as a tool to incorporate with the US vested interests and to its ally Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the support of Russia is towards Iran which again is an historic rival of the US. Hence both the Middle Eastern Rivals are now in a fight against each other for creating their regional hegemony and dominance. This study searches on the factors, which are becoming the key players to form this hegemony. It also emphasis on the viewpoints of Iran and Saudi Arabia and tries to navigate the demand and desire of both of the states. The complex issue of Saudi-Iran rivalry which has overtime turned into an oil-centric political rivalry has been discussed in detail from the perspective of Iran and Saudi Arabia.</p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences Role of Community in Youth Development: An Investigation from Collegiate Youth from Lahore 2022-08-31T06:37:39+00:00 Dr. Arfan Latif Dr. Shafayat Ali <p>The focus of the current study is to find out how different dimensions of community leads to the development of the youth. Four primary indicators were taken into account i.e., community participation, community support and empowerment, community boundaries and limitation and community competence and skill development. The study is quantitative in nature and used cross sectional survey design for the study. 1335 college students were selected by adopting multistage cluster sampling for the purpose of the study. Both male and female respondents were included for a more representative study. The findings of the study show that all the four dimensions of community are significantly related to the youth development. Moreover, for both the types of the respondent’s community participation and community competence/skill development were important in youth development.</p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences KAP Analysis of Students Regarding E-Learning during Covid-19 in Universities of Lahore 2022-08-31T06:39:07+00:00 Saba Sarwar Dr. Madieha Akram <p>This research was conducted to explore the KAP analysis of students regarding e-learning during COVID-19 in the universities of Lahore and it examined the increase of online learning among university students due to COVID-19 lockdown. The research was supported by Technology Acceptance Model. The quantitative research approach was used as a method of inquiry. Two private universities in Lahore were selected as the target population. A simple random sampling technique was used to draw the sample from the required population. The drawn sample size was 103 university students that were currently attending online classes in universities. An adopted well-structured questionnaire was used to collect the required information. Quantitative analysis was done through SPSS version 26. Regression analysis is used to test the hypothesis. The questionnaire’s reliability was tested by Cronbach’s alpha test. A number of associations were found between sex and education of students and knowledge, attitude, and practice of students regarding online learning. It has been revealed that the knowledge, attitude, and practice of students towards online learning is transformed during this COVID-19 and most students gave preference to online learning in lockdowns and restrictive circumstances.</p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences Effects of Distributive Justice on Positive Organizational Behavior among Private School Teachers 2022-08-31T06:40:42+00:00 Abdullah Younas Khan Dr. Nizar Ahmad <p>This quantitative study the ‘effects of distributive justice on positive organizational behavior among private school teachers’ was conducted in five different private schools in Timergara City district Dir Lower. Among the 29 private schools in Timergara city, five schools were selected randomly on the basis of maximum number of teachers. Primary information was collected from teachers through census method using structured questionnaire as tool of data collection. The collected data was put into computer-based software SPSS and Chi-Square test statistics were used to ascertain the association between dependentand independent variable. The study revealed a significant association (P≤0.05) of teachers’ positive organizational behavior with the statements such asFair outcomes to address the teachers’ needs, unbiased academic policies, satisfaction with salaries, increase in salaries as per teachers’ performance, fair workload’s distribution, teachers’ behavior dependent upon fair policies, equal distribution of rewards as a source of motivation, and unequal distribution of rewards leads towards turnover intention. The owners and administration of private schools should establish their trust by expanding cooperation towards teachers, strengthen employee relationships with each other, encourage positivity and efforts, create goals and use motivational strategies that stimulate employees were some of the recommendations that was presented in light of the study.</p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences Perception of Professional Drivers about Road Accidents in the Context of Roadway Hazards 2022-08-31T06:41:32+00:00 Zahid Hussain Muhammad Irfan Ahmed Dr. Muhammad Ishaq <p>Road accidents have a profound social impact on society by affecting the public property and victims’ health, belongings and their social activities which lead to social isolation and poverty. Previous studies showed that road accidents were occurred usually by human errors, vehicle conditions, weather conditions, and road engineering, but roadway hazards not much emphasized. So, this study was aimed to quantify the roadway hazards which are responsible for road traffic accidents in the light of perception by professional drivers. For this purpose, the study was conducted in Multan, Pakistan through a cross-sectional survey using an interview schedule with a sample size of 336 drivers as respondents. The results of analysed data were showed that the professional drivers perceived that 38.7% inappropriate speed breakers and 18.5% of damaged roads always caused road traffic accidents, Moreover, drivers also perceived that road accidents had a social impact on victims, their families, and society. The crosstab and χ<sup>2</sup> test also demonstrated that there was a significant association between road traffic accidents and drivers’ socio-demographic information. On behalf of the results, the study concluded that roadway hazards were responsible for road accidents especially inappropriate speed-breaker, and rigorous action is required to overcome these hazards.</p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Journal of Professional Research in Social Sciences